What are people saying about the run?

The Dedham Run is a really good way to keep your stamina and fitness up. It also helps get the community together. I recommend it to anyone who is up for a challenge and is determined to beat a personal best.


Mimi (Year 5)

I enjoy the Dedham Run as it is a good way to encourage younger children to keep fit. It is a great way to have some competition and enjoy spending time with family and friends.


Marina (Year 6)

Last year, I entered the Dedham Run and had great fun. I was able to win the fastest Y5 boy and I hope to defend this title next year. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a challenge. If you do take part, you will have lots of fun with your friends and family.


Oliver (Year 5)

I enjoy the Dedham Run as it is a way to come together with people around the village. You don’t need to be competitive to take part as it is a lovely sociable experience that many people enjoy.

Claudia (Year 6)

The Dedham Run is great because you could challenge yourself in a competition or just run for fun. For younger children, there is also the option of fancy dress. Everyone who runs will get a medal.


Jacob (Year 5)

The reason why I love doing the Dedham Run is the feeling of representing the school and beating my personal best. It really encourages younger people to join in the fun. Also, everyone gets a medal so everyone is a winner!

Isabel (Year 6)

I think it’s an amazing way to bring everyone together and encourage everyone to get fit whilst having fun.

Abigail (Year 6)

Last year, I completed the Dedham Run with my friends. I really enjoyed it because I like doing sport events. If you want to do the run, don’t start too fast! Start slower and speed up nearer the end.

Ruby (Year 5)

I ran the Dedham Run to challenge myself and to get more stamina and fitness. I recommend it because it was fun. This year, I hope to beat my best time.


Matthew (Year 5)

This year, I hope to run in the Dedham Run because I see it as a good way to get fit. I enjoy the fancy dress as it’s fun to see everyone’s costumes.


Rosa (Year 5)

Whenever I have completed in the Dedham Run, it has been really enjoyable as there are different ways you can win a prize. It is also really good for your health.


Zak (Year 6)

My family always enter the Dedham Run and I hope to enter again next year. It is really fun and I like the idea of the run raising money for the school. If you are thinking of competing, don’t lose all of your breath at the start!


Harry (Year 5)

You may want to do the Dedham Run as it’s a fun day out and you feel great after. Also, it helps to raise money for the local primary school.


Luke (Year 5)

I completed the Dedham Run because I wanted to have a sense of accomplishment. It was hard work but I felt great when I finished it.

Tyler (Year 5)

The Dedham Run is fun and is a good way to get children off their video games, go outside, get some fresh air and have fun whilst exercising.

Louis (Year 6)

The reason I compete in the run each year is that I can run with my friends and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Elsie (Year 6)